martes, 10 de febrero de 2015


We're going to celebrate St. Valentine's Day. Be ready for love

  • Watch the video again and answer the questions
    • Before the Valentine dance (04:10- 07;03)
    1. What is Charlie doing by the mail box?
    2. How many Valentine cards does he get?
    3. Who is Charlie in  love with?
    4. What does Linus suggest?
    5. Why does Charlie dial the information number?
    6. Who does Charlie phone in the end?
    • At the Valentine dance (07:03- 09:15)
      1.  Is Charlie dating the girl he likes? Why (not)?
      2. How does Snoopy manage to get into the dance?
      3. How does Charlie feel when he decides to ask the girl to dance?
      4. Why doesn't he dance with the little red-haired girl?
      5. Who dances with the little red-haired girl?
      6. How do Marcy and Peppermint Patty feel after the dance?
    • After the dance (09:15-15:07)
      1. Describe the relationship between the boy at the piano and the dark-haired girl
      2. Describe the relationship between Charlie's sister and Linus
      3. Does Charlie finally get a Valentine card?
  • Complete this crossword about feelings. Match the adjectives to the characters
  • Writing a Valentine card in haikus. A haiku is a Japanese poem with 17 syllables. Here is an example for you. Can you make up one?

Be my Valentine
not just February 14th
but for all my life
  • Did you know that there are more than 100 ways to say "I love you" in English. Here is the evidence. Of course you can use them to write your haiku

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